#HustleTour2 Continues Friday in Santa Cruz, CA

This week we’ll continue our #HustleTour2 with a stop at the Rugged & Raw Tour in Santa Cruz this Friday Night. We’ll be out there with Kung Fu Vampire. We’ll have lots of new music and more, so…if you see the fellas ILAM – TREY C x PLAYA RAE make sure to hittem. Get a shout out on the next DVD as well. Thanks!

I.L.A.M. Hustle Tour 2 | Kicking Off | #HustleTour2

I.L.A.M. Hustle Tour is something ILAM – TREY C x PLAYA RAE have been doing for two years now. What it is, is a promotional tour (while they are recording and in between albums) to push merchandise, promo CD’s and attend shows in their target markets and with artists who are also targeting the same demographic. It’s very interactive with the fans (Believers) via socialcam, twitter, instagram etc. Lots of updates and photos with some very cool people and supporters. We’ll be posting up our schedule on the site here soon, but for now here is the 1st show you can catch them at. If you are in the area and want to make sure to meet them, call the # listed.